Monday, February 16, 2009

Hangin' with the Nesbitt's

Emerson is getting ready for her snow experience. We had to borrow Ridge's white outfit and their snow b/c we had none left once the sun came up.
Emerson, Ridge and Taylor playing. Emerson is very animated.

One of my favorite pics...Ridge and Emerson.

I love this one too. What good friends we are blessed to have.

Heather and her kids having fun on their snow day. Heather and I sure enjoyed our time together while the kids played. We haven't had that kind of day since our maternity leave together.

Emerson's First Snow Day!!

Lookin up at the snow...WOW!!!
Mommy and Emerson enjoying the snow.

Of coarse she had to try it...

My snow bunny!!!

All of the snow left at the Roshto's by the time I got outside...Daddy's old 1970 truck looked pretty with the little amount of snow on it.

Trip to the Zoo with the Crain Cousins and Grammie

Aunt Teresa and the Crain Cousins smiling pretty
The bunnies were cold and bundled in their bucket. I love this picture!!!

Grammie took this great shot!!! We were all layered up. The day was a cold one. A lot of the aniamals weren't out, but we had fun anyway.

Trying to get a posed shot...Hard to do with an 18 and 10 mth. old. HEHEHEHE Jackson has it down at age 6!

The tigers sure were pretty!!!

The Celebration...

The Cousins taking a snooze. Campbell with her Daddy and Emerson with her Grammie.

Enjoying the fire on a cold day...

Enjoying the Day...

Mom and Dad Roshto posin' pretty
The Cousins workin' the fire (Reece, friend, Shawn and Jackson)

Family and Friends enjoying the PIG!!!

Emerson giving a kiss to Garrett-Mrs. Kellee's youngest

The party continues...

Blowing out the candles...another year has passed
Heather and Taylor enjoying the cold weather.

Daddy and Emerson by the fire...I think they were doing a dance move.

Cousin Campbell and Emerson getting in some play time.

The PIG was almost ready!!!

Celebratin' on the River

Mom and Dad Robinson, and The Kings with Krystal's friend, Sam
The Happy Land Closers:)

The O.B.One Groupies came to celebrate.

Mrs. Mary Margret given Emerson some love!

Mudfish and their fine ladies:) Don't you love the faithful Mudfish Bday hat!!!